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Water Filtration Wexford

Paddy Butler Water Pumps provide clients in Wexford and throughout the southeast with a complete range of water treatment and water filtration equipment.

We have been installing a wide selection of water filtration and water softening equipment for both commercial and domestic clients in Wexford for over 25 years.

Depending on the presence and levels of various minerals in your water, our team will recommend water systems suited to your particular needs and requirements.

Signs that indicate water quality issues include orange staining in your toilet bowl to white streaks on glassware after a dishwasher cycle. But what is of more concern is the presence of bacteria and pesticides that are not as easily seen.

Before installing systems for water filtration in Wexford, we conduct water testing for both bacteria and chemicals, iron and manganese removal, pH correction, nitrate removal, UV units, chlorination and RO.

Delivering the exact water filtration solution at your Wexford property is something we take very seriously and our team pride themselves on customer satisfaction.

Eliminate unwanted chemicals from your water with the help of Paddy Butler Water Pumps

Benefits Of Using Water Filtration Systems

  • Better tasting and smelling water

  • Chemicals such as chlorine, pesticides and fluoride are removed

  • No need to buy bottled water

  • Safe drinking water

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I filter bad taste or smells from water?

    We ensure the cause of smells and bad taste are eliminated from your property by installing systems for water filtration in Wexford that are appropriate for your particular property. Arrange a call-out service today.