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Water Pump Repairs

Paddy Butler Water Pumps offer a fast and efficient water pump repairs service for domestic, agricultural and industrial water pumps.

We have over 25 years' of experience in pumps, mechanical engineering solutions and water pressure systems, and help clients throughout the South-East of Ireland plan and maintain their water supply.

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Fittings, Parts & Accessories

We carry a large range of Pressure Vessels, both Steel and Well Mate Fibreglass. Sizes ranging from 20Lt to 450Lt in stock, and larger can be ordered if required.

We also carry a full range of Philmac and Brass fittings to suit your plumbing needs.

We stock a complete range of accessories to suit most models of pumps, eg. pressure switches, gauges, foot valves, capacitors, replacement filters and UV bulbs, and PTFE tape.

We also stock a range of spare parts and chemicals for our water filters, eg. corrotex, salt, potassium permanganate and UV bulbs.

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